Artist Estate

Unique Artist Estate atop Tanners Ridge Mountain

Historic Mountain Church converted to One-of-a-Kind Lodging!

Once The All Saints Mission Church and one-room school, there are 3 buildings and long road frontage. This family estate was the home of Robert E. Kuhn where he lived pretty much as a recluse for the last 34 years of his life, while continuing his sculpting and painting.

The “church” building has been converted to a whimsical 3 bedroom family vacation rental ( that can only be described as “truly amazing”, with the entire interior of the “church” given over to colorful and imaginative original paintings, drawings, sculpture and furnishings!

The stone “parsonage” building has additions that served as workshop/studio for Robert Kuhn’s metal sculpting and painting.

The stone “activities” building was later turned into a studio/gallery complete with multiple skylights. Both the gallery and the “parsonage” building could become additional rental units if renovated. Or, an artist buyer might want to use the gallery for his or her own studio!

The Sculpture Garden is a 2.75acre museum filled with fantastic, vibrant sculpture that can only be appreciated as you meander among them. Interspersed amid the art you might find a horseshoe pitching game and there are several spectacular sites for intimate weddings.

Robert E. Kuhn was known for over fifty years primarily as a sculptor. He initially worked in wood, later in concrete & eventually exclusively in welded steel. He exhibited in galleries in New York, Washington, DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. His mysticism is found in the center piece of the Sculpture Garden with his composition entitled “Cathedral”. Here you have the enormous architectual silouette of flying buttresses suggesting a cathedral arch and then at the suggested opposite end are “organ pipes”, below that the “organ” and “bench” and the “alter” and Eucharist. In 2002, his work graced the cover of The J. Peterman Company catalog, N0. 6, and various pieces of his work were illustrated for sale in subsequent catalogs.

Robert Kuhn’s three sons exhibit artistic talent in their own right! The oldest is James P. “Happy” Kuhn, an accomplished mural painter known lovingly as “Happy the Artist” in the Richmond, Virginia area where so many of his murals exist. Next is Nathan D. Kuhn, a “Pop” sculptor who has exhibited nationwide with Warhol, Licenstein, Rivers, Dine, Hickney and Oldenburg. Nathan is also a Jazz-Harmonists and he and his wife, Iluminada, are the resident managers of the Artist Estate. The third son is Daniel R. Kuhn, a published Writer, Film Producer and Jazz Agent. Dan oversees and maintains the adjoining 2.75acre Sculpture Garden. Dan is also a principal in the Swann Street Gallery in Washington, DC where many of Robert E. Kuhn’s abstract expressionist paintings and sculpture are on display.

An opportunity of a lifetime for someone very special! The development of this unusual property is limitless. It begs the use of one’s own imagination! Perfect as a wedding venue; maybe simply as a retreat; workshops for artists; a stopover for Appalachian Trail hikers or for bikers along the Skyline Drive; additional B&B service by re-purposing some of the space or adding additional lodging units.

Adjacent to the Shenandoah National Park, this unique Artist Estate is for sale, including all the original art and furnishing in the “church” building and the Sculpture Garden.